Best of Tweets from IOD2010

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IOD2010 Live on Twitter - Best Of des tweets de la semaine

L’IOD2010 à Rome se termine et le réseau Twitter a été un fabuleux media d’échange et de diffusion d’informations. De Voici un Best Of des meilleurs échanges de la semaine. L’ensemble des échanges est disponible ici : Fil Twitter #IOD2010

IOD2010 in Roma and Twitter, it is thousands of tweets from participants and ReTweeters.  Here is a Best Of  of of the week. Full feed still available here : Twitter search for #IOD2010

  • danielcrow: ACM looks really interesting a solution for Knowledge Workers, especially as ACM is not BPM
  • parapadakis: Congratulations!! @cc_mclaughlin: Thunderhead awarded IBM Beacon Award for Innovation in IM
  • IBMSoftware: Blog by @DTurnerIBM: Five predictions about predictive analytics:
  • DelphRB: And Rob Ashe now on stage – Welcome to the decade of smart – « today it’s about doing things smarter « 
  • DTurnerIBM: Ashe: « Information and analytics are at the center of a Smarter Planet. »
  • DelphRB:  » 3 billions phone calls a day….. and that’s just the teenagers « 
  • DTurnerIBM: Rob Ashe takes the stage… »Compelling opportunities to drive better outcomes by harnessing the information available to us. »
  • DelphRB: « our world is becoming instrumented (30 billions RFID tags) our world is becoming interconnected (2 billion people on the web) »
  • nicod92160: IOD Roma : Ashe: « Information et analytics au centre d’une Planète plus intelligente. »
  • DTurnerIBM: « Companies that drive an information-based environment consistently outperform. The numbers are
    there. »
  • douglascoombs: Ashe IBM says customer choice means we need to predict outcomes if we are to survive in business
  • DTurnerIBM: Companies that drive an information-based environment consistently outperform. The numbers are there
  • DelphRB: #IBM VP ECM on stage sharing SNCF success story
  • DelphRB: RT @sandy_carter: Internet generates each day more data than all the US libraries hold! Wow! That’s a lot of data!
  • IOD2010: The #Neolane & #IBM Quest- #France Story: Customer Data Quality & Marketing Success. Go Hand-in-Hand at France No1 Press Group.
  • IOD2010: SAMIR: Oil & Gas Engineering Document & Process Management on #IBM #filenet by SAMIR & CBI
  • IOD2010: Reduce Online Consumer Fraud & Improve Marketing Effectiveness Using InfoSphere Identity Insight By Bouygues Telecom
  • hkisker: #IBM research extending SPSS algorithms to social analytics, similarity measurement, regression trafo and hierarchical time series
  • hkisker: #IBM‘s product strategy update has a strong focus on predictive analytics.
  • hkisker: Rob Ashe talking about the huge value of information from Social Media . Agreed, read the #forrester
  • nickpatience: Mike Rhodin of IBM: huge opportunity analyzing sentiment on social networks but also analyzing employee sentiment within orgs.
  • hkisker: #IBM targets to drive advanced analytics to mainstream business users Important step. See also my blog
  • StephKanaan: IOD EMEA News: IBM Moves Predictive Analytics Into New Era
  • DTurnerIBM: Barriers to building a BI Business Case: unwillingness to change, lack of capacity, lack of
    executive sponsor
  • JCDichant: Over 90% of the technology prospects go online to find information before a purchase decision
  • parapadakis: Interesting implementation of #OAIS standard, using #IBM #ECM at the BEIC Library, in Italy.
  • hkisker: So what is #IBM‘s ‘Advanced’ Case Management? It’s the merge with the portfolio of ECM, BPM, collaboration, social and analytics
  • DTurnerIBM: « IBM Cognos Analytic Apps create a decision-making continuum for sound and effective decisions. »
  • hkisker: #iod2010 Rob Ashe key note: Obama being interested looked last week at NYPD crime prediction/prevention analytics solution from #IBM
  • DTurnerIBM: Rob Ashe: There is no « Smarter Planet » without Business Analytics.
  • DTurnerIBM: Ashe: Social analytics provides real-time insights into what people think of your products. They’re out there every day. »
  • CraigRhinehart: SNCF’s Smart Archive approach to data and content #archiving and records management showcased during #IOD2010 EMEA keynote
  • CraigRhinehart: John Troy of Zurich explains how IBM’s email archive, records, eDiscovery handles 500K
    emails/day and over 1 billion objects
  • etopolski: Info and analytics will shape our business and personal lives
  • nickpatience: IBM really hammering the ‘80% data is unstructured’ meme at IOD – haven’t heard so much from IBM on this for a while.
  • DTurnerIBM: Pattern-based Strategy: Look for a signal of change, model its impact on your strategy, then adapt
  • parapadakis: Gartner: User Trust is driving this decade. We sense and respond.
  • DTurnerIBM: Cassnoato: CEOs expect the future to be more volatile, expect IT to lead a transformation
  • parapadakis: The focus is changing: Mike Rhodin: IT owns the systems, who owns the data/information??
  • etopolski: We are data rich and insight poor. Our ability to move fwd will depend on our ability to make sense of data
  • DTurnerIBM: « We enable decision-makers to optimize business outcomes by helping them to conifdently take actions and align tactics to strategy »
  • josefc: « We are data rich and insight poor »-Mike Rhodin
  • parapadakis: #Gartner Keynote: Predictive, social & content analytics: We need to understand the 80% of unstructured data
  • jmichel_franco: CFO more and more involved in Information management IT initiatives -> acountable for information quality security & tracability
  • parapadakis: #ECM Roadmap (@CraigRhinehart): Eliminating paper never goes out of style! It’s a fundamental #green initiative as well as ROI
  • parapadakis: #ECM Content Analytics – What if you could detect crime & fraud as it happens, through trend insights?
  • DTurnerIBM: Dresner: « Culture is the reason BI efforts fall short. We like to blame the technology because it can’t defend itself. »
  • DTurnerIBM: « What if the CEO could answer his own questions? Wouldn’t that make life easier for everyone? That’s
    ROI. »
  • DTurnerIBM: « Technological evolution is out of synch with the way humans think and learn. We scared an entire generation away from computers. »
  • DTurnerIBM: BI Adoption challenge – if people don’t know why you’re automating their reports, all they see is you changing their jobs
  • DTurnerIBM: « Technology and Society must advance in lockstep. The challenges we face will lead to seminal shifts in society »
  • DTurnerIBM: Lindkvist quotes Bill Clinton: « You know you’ve developed when the problems are new. »
  • DTurnerIBM: « Remarkable opportunities and challenges at the limits of technology »